Bordering the Rainbow

05 February, 2007

So 6 months later

This blog has definitely been neglected, so thought it was high time I added something.
Since November of last year, I have not done a lot of stitching, but have been on a knitting kick. I was going through the cupboard whereI keep all my wool, etc; and discovered that I had more than I remembered. I had bought some cheap yarn a few years ago and it was still sitting there waiting for me to do something with it. I decided that perhaps I should knit myself a couple of jumpers for when I go dog training at the weekends, to replace the tatty sweatshirts that I currently wear.

My first jumper was this lilac one:

I had bought 600 grams of yarn at the time, but as I did not even use 400 grams for the jumper, I decided to knit a pair of "Fetching" to go with them.

Once they were completed, I thought I had better go back and finish the Jacquard jumper I had been knitting. The front, back & neck had been completed, but the sleeves were missing, this is the finished product.

Next I made another "dog training" jumper, with the same type of yarn that I had made the lilac one. I used more yarn for this one, but I still have plenty left to make a pair of matching "Fetchings". I love matching accessories, even when I am out in a muddy field with the dogs.

My next project was one I had been wanting to do for a while now and I am quite chuffed with myself for having completed them - a pair of "Broad Street Mittens".

When I show my finished articles to my son, he is always very polite in his complimentary remarks, however for these mittens, first of all he wanted to try them on & then he asked if I could make him a pair in black, so I guess he was impressed. So it is back to the DPN again.