Bordering the Rainbow

10 May, 2006

Front, back & collar done

I was able to finish the front of the jumper this morning, though not without a couple of hiccups. At some point during the final few rows, where I was decreasing the neck & the shoulder edges, I managed to knit the wrong part of the pattern. There is just no way to "fudge" those kind of mistakes, so I had to unpick about 4 rows, which took more than twice as long as it had taken me to knit in the first place.
As I still had more time before I had to leave for work, I moved on to my least favourite part of knitting, picking up stitches around the neck edges to knit the collar. It never seems to come out as smooth as I would like. Here is the front & back completed along with the collar. I just hope that I managed to cast off loose enough so that it will go over my head when it is all sewn together.


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