Bordering the Rainbow

23 April, 2006

In the garden

You will not often find me writing about gardening, because this is simply not my thing. I do not particularly enjoy it, although I do admire people who can encourage their plants to grow and I do appreciate beautiful gardens full of flowers. Another excuse is that I have 3 dogs and very little survives along with them, the only things that have withstood the dogs antics over the years are 2 rose bushes.
As yesterday was such a gorgeous day & this is certainly the time of year to get out there and do something, I did manage to spend some time tidying up. I had a good old weed pulling session and manage to give the lawn - or rather, the irregular patches of green - a trim. Then I remembered that I had 2 packets of seeds sitting in a drawer; now as they were certainly not going to produce any flowers whilst staying in the packets, I thought I might as well go ahead and plant them. I had cleared all the weeds from 2 sections of the borders, so there was now space for them.
One lot of seeds are Sweet Peas, which are really pretty and one of the few plants around that still have a scent; the other packet was named "Japanese grass", that's the literal translation. The picture on the front of the packet was just a collection of various flowers and greenery, so it is probably a mix of a variety of things. Now I always thought that Japanese gardens had a lot of stone areas in them, and not wild flowers growing, so wouldn't it be just my luck to find that nothing actually grows, but I end up with a nice little pile of stones instead.
Well, we will just have to see over the next few months if anything sprouts up.


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