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28 April, 2006

My decision

So what was my decision after a night's sleep?
Well, I did not even wait that long, I made up my mind before I even went to bed. It was to be the "Crazy Cows". I am taking 9 different cow designs and I will make it into a cushion when finished. Even though it was late, I put a few stitches in the first cow last night, and then the rest I finished today.
So here is my first cow.

Now this really is the last new start for the time being, no more being sidetracked. I am now getting back to the Marquoir, section 15 is where I currently am, and in May (just a few days) section 21 will be released, so I am sadly behind schedule with this piece.


  • I love those Crazy Cows! They'll make a superb cushion!

    By Blogger Seahorse, at 8:20 am  

  • What a great cow! Looking forward to seeing more of these :)

    By Blogger KarenV, at 8:13 pm  

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