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13 May, 2006

Projects during my week's vacation

I am now on a week's vacation, it's a great feeling to be able to get up in the morning & just do whatever I feel like doing and not having to get ready for work.

I do have a few projects that I want to get done during the coming week and 2 of the
m are framing projects. The first is Fairy Moon which I finished recently. I bought the 2 different papers yesterday which I will be using to cover the mats. The light, silvery one will go underneath and the darker one on top. I am hoping to find a way that I can shape & cut the top mat, so that the silver underneath mat shows through like the rays from the moon. We shall see, sometimes my ideas are greater than my ability.

The second framing project is my other recently finished piece, "Breeds of Sheep". Again the lighter paper will go underneath and the dark green one on top. I will probably end up doing this one in a straight forward normal way.

I will leave you here with a couple of photos that I took yesterday of one of my cats, Tuppence, taking advantage of the sun and my duvet which I had hung out to air.


  • Awww! Your kittie is adorable Danni :o)

    By Blogger Sam, at 12:01 pm  

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